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Thread: When 2 good teams play each other, one loses

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    When 2 good teams play each other, one loses

    Maybe its just that simple. We lost, move on and win next week. The Jets played poorly and were still only down 7 with about 10 minutes left in the game. Plenty of miscues, bobbles and missed opportunities-but that doesn't mean we weren't prepared, it doesn't mean we have to fire everyone, it doesn't mean Rex can't get the team up, it doesn't mean Eric Smith should be cut (by the way he played great against Buffalo last week).

    Apparently every fan is a better offensive coordinator than Shotty-last night many fans complained every time we ran the ball. Today many fans are saying we need to run more (its so easy on Monday morning). Maybe they just need to execute better??

    We lost on that particular night-It doesn't mean we can't be the Pats, it doesnt mean we won't beat them in the playoffs......

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    And when one team that is better than the other, in case the Patriots, they beat the other team.

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    When two bad teams play each other, one loses. When one good team and one bad team plays against each other, one loses. I can go all night.


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