1- On good team the QBs have all day to throw. IMO, the Giants have the best DL in football and really didn't put pressure on Brady last week. The Pats give their qb plenty of time to throw. Same can't be said for our team. GB as well he has all day to throw!
2- We have been weak at the safety position for years. Every week we are getting killed by TEs. If we are truly under the cap by 10 million or so, why are we thin on the line, TE and safety?
3- Our TEs are a position of weakness. Keller is overrated and after him it is a joke.
4- How many times do we have 12 people in the huddle and the rest of the da penalties? This is the 3rd year of this regime and we are still making da plays.
5- We want to get criticize the qb for not letting the clock run. While they are yelling in his ear to call at time out, why not add call at time with 1 sec. The guy is in the middle of a game, a little help would be nice. He still has blame but a little help please.
6- The Pats suck and to get beat by them in your house is unbelievable.