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Thread: Serious question...can anyone here get southside laid?

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    Ehh... probably right. Went to strip club again last night. Asian girl dances... she wasn't that good. Tried to get with this one girl I know but at 3AM and drunk dialing that's not exactly good form. Had fun tho.

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    [QUOTE=frostlich;4243296]Trying to live vicariously thru Southsides sexcapades is hot garbage.[/QUOTE]

    You know, it's always "third and short" with that guy; and then... he's kicking something.

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    [QUOTE=WestCoastOffensive;4243431]You know, it's always "third and short" with that guy; and then... he's kicking something.[/QUOTE]

    It's been a rough couple months for me... I'll give you guys that much.

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    [QUOTE=southside;4243433]It's been a rough life for me... I'll give you guys that much.[/QUOTE]


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    Can't argue that.

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    [QUOTE=Jets Things;4234581]As long as southside wasn't in vintage JT strippy mode, wasting his benjamins on one chick for the whole night. You know,[I] really[/I] getting to know them through penis-grinding conversation. My inner monologue is pathetic. "[I]If I wasn't married, I would totally rescue this girl from this life. Listen to her, man. She's smart, insightful, hilarious and smells like jasmine and rose hips. Oh sh1t, song is over.[/I] -Hells yeah, I'll take another!!- [I]Ugh, WTF am I doing... Ok, as long as I don't to use the ATM in here. What is it, like a $12 service charge? Eff that. Ohh, yeah. OMG thathotbreathonmyballsfeelsawesomemegustaface.[/I] -What? No, that feels good.- [I]Fukc, I gotta go home.[/I]"[/QUOTE]

    + the mandatory [I]I think she likes me. Look she's laughing at all my jokes. My mojo is back![/I]


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