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Thread: Now that I have had a chance to decompress

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    We protect Sanchez and all will be fine.

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    [QUOTE=NewYorkSackExchange;4233651]the 2 turnovers killed it last night. otherwise the team had the chance.

    I just don't feel it this season. 9-7 no playoffs.[/QUOTE]

    Totally agree. Those two turnovers which led to 14 points by the Pats. Plus the first drive coming up empty with a missed SHORT field goal...that is the difference right there. That and bad clock management. We beat ourselves in that game. It sucks. But you brush ourself and move on.

    We got a game this Thursday. We can still make the playoffs. And the division title isn't even out of the question yet. Mathematically yes, we will need help to take the title....but we WILL make the playoffs.

    Jets will regroup. This team won't implode. We are best when underdogs. Each of the last two years we've gotten better and risen to the occassion when the chips were down. This year will be no exception.

    I predict a 10-6 record MINIMUM. Jets are gonna rebound off this lose in a big way. Wait and see. The run starts Thursday in Denver.


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