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Thread: Saftey

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    Spelling Bee Champion of the World.[/QUOTE]

    40 posts before the catch........39 bad spellers or 39 nice people??

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;4234065]towards the end of the game they put Revis on him. Again we are focusing on the defense, but the way to beat the Pats isn't by building the perfect defense, it's by keeping the Jets offense on the field. the way to keep Gronk and Brady from scoring is by executing on offense... give them less chances. That's why Rex was so mad about the dumbest football play ever, an extra 20 seconds they will score. the NFL in 2011 is geared to foster points being scored, except our offense isn't pulling their weight (and our specials also crapped the bed, another problem). I know we love to talk defense but it was special teams and offense where the Jets lost. Give the other team short field due to turnovers, they will score.[/QUOTE]


    The difference in the game came down to 3 plays:

    1. Not managing the clock properly at the end of the first half. Not only the offense but the kickoff after our score which was just dumb. Why boom the kick into the stands allowing no time to tick off the clock? How about a squib or pooch kick? That could have been the difference between NE kicking a FG and going for the TD.

    2. The special teams fumble by McKnight giving Brady a very...very short field.

    3. The INT-return by Sanchez. Game over.

    Those 3 plays were the difference in the game. All three plays led to 21 points -- margin of victory. The defense played stellar in the first half. The combo of mistakes led to the 2nd half disaster. The NE media whores who continue to blame the Jets D obviously are just looking at the score. 21 of those points to NE were a direct result of the offense and special teams.

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    Oddly, the Jets have traded or released 5 players who are starting Safeties elsewhere. Not sure what this really means. It might mean that there are very few good safeties in the NFL, or that we traded away players that are better than what we have. But I do find it odd.

    Ihedigbo - NE
    Lowery - Jax
    McGraw - KC
    Elam - Dallas
    Rhodes - Arz


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