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Thread: Only 4 teams have turned the ball over more than us

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    Only 4 teams have turned the ball over more than us

    Colts, Redskins, Eagles, Chargers

    combined record of those teams: 10-37

    Winning in the NFL is not a hard formula if you avoid turnovers. Our ratio actually isn't horrible though because we've forced a lot too.

    Just need to cut out the turnovers and we'll be a far better team. If we don't, that's how you end up like the Eagles....

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    We turned it over 3 times on Sunday night.

    The Patriots turned it over 0.

    Don't know if we win but it's certainly a much closer game if McKnight doesn't give Brady the ball at our 20 and Sanchez doesn't throw a Pick 6.

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    It's also about taking advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. Dropping multiple INTs, not recovering balls on the ground, all of this adds up too

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    And the pick off the pass that was thrown too hard. And the early timeout. I've said a few times this week the loss was just as about unforced errors as anything else. Very disappointing, but if we face them again we can win if those things are cleaned up.


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