There's no reason Sanchez should be taking this much heat. No one is talking about our LT giving up 4 sacks, killing two drives (of 14?) single handedly. This year the team isn't working together, if its not the OL, its the QB, if not the QB, its the lack of pressure.

Sanchez is and will be a fine QB. You can win the superbowl with Trent Dilfer or Peyton Manning, its just the dynamic that needs honing.

The only real knock you can possibly have for Sanchez is that his salary in the upcoming years prevents appropriate distribution of team dynamic.

My guess is that it will come together, like it always does, late in the season and we will be a wildcard and win a playoff game or two until part of Sanchize's mega number will be distributed to a Pass rushing OLB in free agency and the allowance for a Diesel RT in the first round next year.

Or he could just chuck up a hail mary like Eli did to get a ring, but Scorpios tend to have to learn the hard way.