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Thread: Who will be around longer Sanchez or Brady?

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    Who will be around longer Sanchez or Brady?

    Brady is currently 34, and Sanchez is 25. This is Sanchez's third year in the league and I figure he has all of next year and at least part of year five before the Jets even consider pulling the plug on him.

    So do you think Sanchez is going to be able to continue to make progress and be a long time QB for the Jets? Next year Brady will be 35, and Sanchez's 5th year he'll be 36. How much longer do you see Brady playing for the pats and will be around long after Sanchez is gone?
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    Sanchez isnt 26. He just turned 25 last week.

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    I think Tannenabaum and Rex will never admit they made such a big mistake in picking Sanchez. They will continue to live with him for the next 15 years as long as they are competitive and can trick everyone that Sanchez is somehow elite and "outstanding" Like Rex says but you can tell doesn't really believe.


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