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    It's everything

    there have been a lot, lot of threads this season on what's wrong with the jets. well, i'll sum it up for us: it's everything. a partial list:

    - uneven qb play
    - average rbs in a run-oriented offense
    - uneven offensive line play, both for running and passing plays
    - besides holmes, no real speed at wr, and only one TE threat
    - playcalling that doesn't highlight the strengths of the qb
    - spotty pass rush
    - coverage lapses by safeties
    - too many coaching lapses resulting in ill-advised time outs

    how does this translate into wins and losses? well:

    - the jets beat the bad and mediocre teams
    - they lose to the good teams
    - they almost lost to dallas
    - all their losses are to teams with winning records
    - 3 of 4 losses are on the road

    but why do the jets look worse than the past 2 years, when they made the 'final 4'? well:

    - we know the jets regular seasons have been as up and down as this year
    - sanchez still has head-scratching mental lapses
    - no braylon to stretch the defense
    - offensive line was more dominant with woody
    - there are gaps in defensive talent that teams are exploiting more this year


    - this is fundamentally an average team in terms of talent, they have a few really good players, but not a lot.
    - they have overachieved the past 2 years
    - this team needs to upgrade certain positions, like safety, wr and olb.
    - this team will be inconsistent until they change the offensive philosophy to fit the strengths of the qb.

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    ... there is a lot of blame to be divied out all over, especially the game sunday ...

    ... that is where i'll begin ...

    ... our vaunted D played well for almost a half ... then looked pathetic when brady went to no huddle ...

    ... rex & co better find a way to sub players in and out better during the times an opponent runs a no-huddle ... (if we meet pats again in playoffs expect a heavy dose of it)

    ... run drills during practice where pettine has prearrainged 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down player packages ... have him (or another defensive coach) be the determining judge on if he can send the package in before the previous play is over ... the moment it's over the coach raises his hand which means pre-arraigned players run onto the field ... jets on the field see pettine with arm in the air/new players running on and know they have to look for this the moment the whistle sounds ... they run off like carl lewis the moment the whistle blows... before pats players can get up and settled in at the LOS the jets have performed the switch ...

    lets see what else jumps out off the top of my head

    - agree on just about everything was terrible sunday, that being said some areas have been consistently weak ... others it was an anomoly

    - specials have been solid for the most part this season

    - the OL was terrible early with hunter & losing mangold ... they had been improving until sunday

    - same with the rb's, they'd been improving weekly until this beatdown

    - mark has been performing slightly better this year than last year when given time by the OL

    - wr group of holmes/plax/kerley has been weaker than holmes/edwards/cotch ... but they've been improving weekly as well

    - losing cumberland hurt as a 2nd TE, mulligan s*cks

    - maybin had been showing signs of life as a pass rusher ... he totally $h*t the bed on that miss of brady

    - too many miscommunications on D ... most of these guys have been around each other long enough that they should not be looking like the bad news bears trying to decide who lines up where

    - definitely falls on rex ... get your guys on all sides of the ball to be prepared ... sometimes plays work, sometimes they don't ... it's the not having the guys know what the f*ck they're doing that is truly p*$$ing me off

    i'll leave it there

    now go destroy the broncos 34 -9



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