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Thread: Car/SUV recommendations

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    [QUOTE=Bonhomme Richard;4246197]He said he wanted to pursue his dreams and either become a pizza maker, an organ grinder, or a leaning tower designer.[/QUOTE]

    I tried to sell him an animatronic monkey, but 32 would not hear of it.

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    [QUOTE=SAR I;4246059]Wait a minute. You named your userid after your diesel pickup truck? What is this? A fishing forum?


    It sure as hell seems like a fishing forum.

    Whats SAR I stand for?

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    [QUOTE=Jetworks;4245660]I have the Jeep Liberty, owns in the snow. When the lease is up I will be getting the new Grand Cherokee, however. I wanted something bigger, but when I was switching to the Jeep the GC was going through a major redesign and getting a new powerplant as well, so I bit the bullet on the Liberty lease instead. The new GC is pretty much the same as the Mercedes M-Class. :cool:[/QUOTE]

    I was actually looking at the GC on the internet last night. The redesign is nice.

    Anybody have the new redesigned Ford Explorer?
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    [QUOTE=Borgoguy;4246015]What a fascinating, breathtakingly novel, thread idea. Do any of the new mods do any work?[/QUOTE]

    We did a thread on newer cars that are good in the snow recently? I don't remember seeing one recently.

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    [QUOTE=escamoter2;4246258]We did a thread on newer cars that are good in the snow recently? I don't remember seeing one recently.[/QUOTE]

    I started one last week entitled, [I]Best SUV/Crossover In Which to Have Backdoor Sex But Also Handles Best in the Snow & Ice Thread[/I]. 32 dumped it, though.

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    [QUOTE=escamoter2;4244866]Wondering if anybody has any recommendations for cars/SUVs that are good in the snow. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

    To get this back on track, can you answer these questions please:

    1. Do you prefer imports or American cars?

    2. Do you prefer leasing or owning?

    3. What is your price range as a monthly payment (lease) or purchase price (own).

    SAR I

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    the coolest car right now is prolly the nissan cube

    ive been trying to get my dad to buy me one


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