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Thread: 'Patriotic Millionaires' Beg Supercommittee for Higher Taxes

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    You realize you are talking to an internet DEAD guy??? He was banned.

    Terminator Jet, aka Vincenzo Testacerde, BOTH banned. Whoever the *uck he is posting as now may respond.
    LOL I didnt notice this was a resurected thread. My points still stand

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakin318 View Post
    There is nothing stopping those two-dozen wealthy members from sending as much of their money as they want to the IRS. So why don't they?
    Thank You.

    All they have to do is cut a check. No need to talk about it.

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    Wasn't that from Joe Biden's lips?. The Village Idiot!

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    I agree with everything however it is not just the wealthy wealthy need stricter regulations how about people in guberment. The american people should not have to pay for members to fly all over the world.


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