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Thread: Pepper Spraying the Protestors...where the police went wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post

    Not exactly, that was just one (D)-aligned hate group that escaped heavy "shampooing" spraying and delousing, here's another

    and another

    still another

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Exactly......what, exactly?

    Whatsthe similarities you're trying to point out, exactly?
    Wasn't pointing out similarities. Jeez. Where do you get this from?

    Take a deep breath. Look at the funny picture I found on 9Gag. Smirk. And then move on. I'm not making a huge political statement. Just reposting a pic that is full of irony. Take it for what it is. Nothing to read into it.

    Then. Grab a beer or do a rail of coke. Lighten up a bit. Who cares about all this stuff? The asteroid that's gonna kill us all is still on it's way here. Everything is pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post

    SRSLY? Blocking a footpath? Ignore it. If there's no cops, there's no TV, so there's no incident, so the kids go home.
    Point well taken but the police can't pick and choose when they do their job. If a homeowner, landlord or college administrator has a lawful interest in having trespasser(s) removed or dispersed we can't say "sorry you're outta luck, there is nothing we can do, just ignore them" if said group refuses repeated verbal commands to disperse.

    If verbal commands fail the police have the lawful authority to use the minimum amount of necessary force to gain compliance. As I indicated earlier the pepper spray stings like hell but leaves no lasting damage once flushed with copious amounts of water. What was the other alternative? The police would have had to forcibly wrest arms and physically pull them apart, this action would have been equally unpleasant to witness and likely result in sprains or possibly broken bones as an inadvertent consequence. Of course this would also result in melodramatic screams as if the non compliant protestors were deliberately being tortured for no apparent reason. The “whole world is watching” chants would also be added for dramatic effect. Either way it’s a lose, lose proposition for the meanie pants police simply doing their jobs.

    Unfortunately the reality is that the media is covering all these protests regardless of police presence or lack thereof. The pepper spray issue aside the [fill in the blank] would be mocking the police if any anarchists or knuckleheads in the group escalated the situation because they failed to maintain a heavy presence.

    The police could care less that they were sitting was the college administration that wanted them moved. Even if they had no intention of ordering the cops to move them the cops would still have to be there, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the cops HAVE to be there no matter what. They didn't arbitrarily pepper spray/disperse them on a whim. As I indicated earlier, getting someone to comply with a lawful order isn't always pretty or pain free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    Wasn't pointing out similarities. Jeez. Where do you get this from?
    My advice, less random, more to-the-point. unno:

    Look at the funny picture I found on 9Gag.
    When you say funny, do you mean "like FF2" funny?

    Guess I just don;t get how some of yall define funny these days.

    Who cares about all this stuff?
    I do, generally.


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