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Thread: Do we even realize how terrible our receiving corps is?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post
    Your post is so on point that it is SCARY!!!

    For example their are tons of posters out here who for years who claimed Chad was better than Brady and wouldn't accept what their eyes were saying to them.

    At the end of the day it is one thing for fans to overtstate the Jets talent level but it is another thing entirely for the Jets front office to make that same mistake which it certainly appears that they did....
    I believe every team that played yesterday had more talent then the Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    wow just wow those guys arent even close the Holmes in speed. Kerley is a LOT slower. Holmes has very good speed for a #1. There is not nearly as many #1 as you seem to think that can run in the 4.3 range. Wallace, CJ, and DJax are as fast as they get. There is really not a whole lot of good WRs that have that kind of top end speed. Holmes is right up there with speed ballers like Sims Walker and Knox, and Torrey Smth but with much more ability. One of the reasons the Jets went after Holmes like they did is because of his blazing speed and game breaking ability. Is he struggling this year? Yes but so was Mashall until they put Moore in. Just because you dont see him getting the ball doesn't mean he is not getting open deep. I do not think he is elite but he has all the ability to be.
    He is not getting open and he does not care,he has his super bowl and now a big pay day. The jets became his Yankees of the late 70s

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    I do agree our WR's are horrible. They hardly get separation. Dump Plax and get ready for Nick TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurkJetFan View Post
    stop it.

    i'll say it once and i'll say it until i turn blue in the face.

    protect the qb and call better plays and problems are solved offensively.

    i know we like to find things that we feel are hidden and complicate things, but it really is that simple.
    +1 a fan here who knows football!!!.its the o-line!!!!!!!!! dummies!!

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    The problem with our wr corps is Schotty is obsessed with making Santonio into the next Lavernues Coles or Jerricho Cotchery. Santonio was an elite big play guy in Pittsburgh and now he's a friggin posession receiver in this conservative f*ck's offense.

    Schitwad also has no idea how to use the tight end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoBigGreen View Post
    I do agree our WR's are horrible. They hardly get separation. Dump Plax and get ready for Nick TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!
    Hard to get separation consistently when opposing DB's are sitting on routes because they know what play Schottenheimer is going to call in 90% of the situations.

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    I did not realize how bad our depth is at WR until I watched the Steelers play. OMG, they have WR's come out of the wood work. Patrick Turner is our # 3 when Kerney goes down, man that's bad

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    Sack Shoddy, promote Moore/Callahan bring back Braylon


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