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Thread: Brett Favre or Chad Pennington for OC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klingon View Post
    After the penis texting incident, I don't think high schools will be lining up to employ Mr. Favre.
    Penn State is hiring.

    BTW - I should ban myself for that joke.

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    Favre for Jets OC is the single dumbest suggestion in the history of mankind.

    PS - "I love you guys" (Favre to teamates before losing to Seahawks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    I don't see Farve ever coaching.

    But I still maintain that Pennington could potentially make a great OC or maybe even HC one day. To me the only thing that kept Chad from becoming a great QB was his unfortunate run in with some serious injuries that left him with some overbearing physical limitations. I think a lot of people forget just how awesome Pennington looked in 2002 and in the 2nd half of 2003 when he came back from the wrist injury. I remember even Madden comparing him to Joe Montana when we played the Raiders in the regular season in '02.

    The guy was regularly mentioned alongside Peyton as the smartest QB in the league and best playaction passer in the league. The phsyical limitations are what held Pennington back. The dude definitely knows the ins and outs of the QB position and how to run an offense. You can't deny his leadership or incredible work ethic and determination to overcome so many devestating shoulder injuries either.

    If Chad seriously wanted to coach then I'd axe Cavanaugh and give him the QB coach position with no hesitation.
    Pennington looked awesome in his all too brief prime, before the injuries did him in. He's certainly smart enough to be a competent OC, certainly no worse than the "genius" we are presently saddled with

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    Brunell for OC

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    Don't think either quality for OC
    If I had to pick one, would be Pennington but I agree with other posters here, he would have to work himself up-- start as a QB coach first then study under a proven OC.
    As far as Pennington backing up Sanchez and then taking over, I'd say get the bodycast ready


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