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Thread: I've been a jet for over 39 years now

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    [QUOTE=southparkcpa;4251279] in your theory everyone who disagrees with you is a STUPID, LIAR and the CUBS world championship from 1908 is as legit as any world series win:rolleyes:

    OK...... what time are you on sports center oh great one.:rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    A championship is a championship no matter when it happens. Its total logic.

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    [QUOTE=Eckesg1;4251415]And of all those playoff contenders, how many of those teams have you actually believed could get to the Super Bowl? The '98 team for sure. Last year probably and maybe the '02 Jets. Other than that, we have had 9-7, 10-5 teams that get wild cards.

    Not to mention that we have had horrible seasons in there: '99, '07

    I have not seen a season where we were legitimate SB favorites.[/QUOTE] some of your posts above. we are as good as the Packers.

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    [QUOTE=TechJet;4250573]I've been fraustrated before but never like this, why am I so con-tank-arous, boistarous and ready to cuss everybody out? could it be past seasons failures
    are catching up to my emotions. or am I making it out to be something its not.[/QUOTE]

    2 questions

    what position do you play?


    are in there for the game at Buffalo today?


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