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Thread: Question about seating...Setion 350

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    Question about seating...Setion 350

    I have tix for tomorrows game in section 350...row 6...I looked up the view on the Metlife website...and it says the row doesn't exist (says there is a row 5 for wheelchair accessible seating, and then it jumps to 8?)...I just bought the tix...So i was wondering if anyone here can just put my mind at ease that these tix are ok...

    Thanks and Go Jets.
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    Rows 5,6 and 7 in some sections were originally handicapped sections. After last season, they added these rows to some of the sections.

    Not sure about 350 but either you have a seat in row 6 or you have a padded folding chair in the handicapped section.

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    Crossfire is correct about some sections having handicapped. 350 has a handicapped section and no row 1-4. There are folding chairs for row 5-7. Its not so bad, there is room to move around. Put in 350/5 and you will see what you have

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    thanks for the replies...just wanted to ensure i didn't end up w/ handicap accessible seats since i don't need them and there are people that actually do...

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    You bought fakes.

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