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Thread: Are Machines Taking Over…the Workplace?

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    I was thinking as reading these comments, but we have these robot surgeries, how can we not have robot fruit pickers? Certainly nothing requires a delicate hand more than a surgery. It still takes a doctor to control the device but I could see the doctor being less involved in the future and the robot doing more of the thinking.

    But then I remember how much a surgery costs. So yes, there is a place for robots in the Hospital, they can afford it. So as long as fruit is cheap I see the point that it is kinda hard to bring in robots. One day robots might be cheap too though.

    NASA is doing some great things with robots. They may be on the cutting edge of it if not close. The new rover they launched to Mars is a robot. Robots are well suited for Mars since there is a 20 minute time delay in communication. Robot needs to do some things itself since a human can't be watching in real time, at least till humans are on Mars. you got Robonaut on the ISS now, although I'm not sure how much it is doing yet. Defense department is driving the technology as well.

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    When it comes to this topic, in this case there's no one I trust more than bit.

    If anyone knows cherry-picking, it's this guy.


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