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Thread: Who to Flex?!?

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    Who to Flex?!?

    Who to flex?!? Non ppr league!

    Hillis, Donald Brown, Santana Moss or Steve Johnson??

    I'm not thrilled with any of these options this week but right now I'm actually leaning toward Santana Moss.

    Hillis is playing but who knows, Addai is starting today ahead of Brown, and Steve Johnson is going against Revis and has been underwhelming to say the least the last few weeks.

    What do you think???

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    My guess is you didn't go with either of the two guys that scored the most points...

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    i went with donald brown who scored the most

    problem is we had a crucial head to head with graham vs cruz...

    all was looking real good until that 72 yard bull**** broken coverage though....


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