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Thread: 5.8 YPC

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    5.8 YPC

    Greene and McKnight had a combined 5.8ypc yet we only ran the ball 17 times. The running game was totally abandoned yet again second half when we running all over them.

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    I was screaming this all 2nd half, especially the drive we went 3 and out with 3 straight passes...

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    I said this all game long. No reason to throw the ball as many times as we did when you have such a low completion percentage and are getting the success we were having running the ball. Typical Schotty.

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    Did anyone else notice Greene wincing on just about every run? He sucked it up and played with some pretty sore ribs.

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    It's because of a lack of execution. And the offensive line not blocking long enough. And because Sanchez has regressed. I think.

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    And this surprises you?....Or are you just pointing out yet another example of Schitty's incompetence. The guy repeatedly goes away from what is working. Mark is having a bad game and Buffalo cant stop the run for, what, the umpteenth year in a row? Schitty did the same thing when the Jets lost to Buffalo in 2009 although that game had a different feel and his incompetence was at its worse on that windy day. Same mistakes over and over and over. Just wait, Schitty will really "shine" when the Jets play their first bad weather game of the year. Time for Mark to throw 40 passes in a snow ridden hurricane....
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