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Thread: New Story: Occupy Revis Island? Not Exactly

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    New Story: Occupy Revis Island? Not Exactly

    [B]Florham Park, N.J.[/B] - It's not often you see a quarterback purposely test Darrelle Revis, but yesterday that's exactly what Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick did. As shocking as it was to see the Bills continually attacking Revis, it was more shocking to see them have success with this strategy.

    Quarterbacks facing Revis find themselves in a classic, stuck between a rock and a hard place situation.*Throw at Revis and you risk a lot of incompletions and potential interceptions, don't throw at him and your best receiver is of absolutely no use. With the Bills being thin at receiver and missing Fred...


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    Revis was human on Sunday, but we got used to Superman. They must have had Kryptonite in the football.


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