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Thread: Looks like Schoddy-itis Is Contagious

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    Looks like Schoddy-itis Is Contagious


    Chiefs (4-7) at Bears (7-4)
    Sunday, 1 p.m.
    Line: Bears by 7.

    In this edition of Overengineered Solutions to Simple Problems, we will explore various methods of designing a game plan for a backup quarterback with limited talent. The Todd Haley Method: abandon the downfield passing game entirely and install a Wildcat-like package with a backup cornerback taking snaps from center. The Mike Martz Method: cram the game plan with elaborate, complicated screen passes, then use your best running back as a deep receiver instead of just handing him the ball. The Common Sense Method employing better backups than Tyler Palko and Caleb Hanie in the first place, then showing a little confidence in them while scaling the game plan back slightly is too simplistic and effective for the modern N.F.L. offensive guru. Pick: Bears.

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    ewwwww its probly like lice

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    Schotty-itis is terrible, but the proper quote is not to quote Mike Tanier's column, who is honestly one of the worst NY Times writers currently employed.

    Dude is a joke, and not the funny type (which he tries, often, and fails).

    I can't think of a better epitome of how the NY Times sports coverage honestly, sucks. is what the NY Times sports coverage should be, based on the quality of the rest of the paper. But alas, most NY Times readers are left getting their sports news from lame knock-knock joke maker Mike Tanier, and extremely out of date Harvey Araton (really?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Newb View Post
    ewwwww its probly like lice
    Lol. Glad to see you around more these days

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    So what you're saying is that since every oc in the league including legends like martz are the same as shotty that makes shotty okay because there will be no upgrade if we get rid of him.


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