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Thread: Special Teams: LOL !!!!!!!!

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    Special Teams: LOL !!!!!!!!

    Ok...I made a post last week about how bad the special teams have been this year...and some of you actually had the balls to challenge that statement....I would love to challenge any of you to defend them now !!....I suspect this thread will remain very quite....what a disaster Westoff's group has been this year...penalties....muffs....fumbles....

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    Take it 1 step further and telel it like it is. Does Westhoff coach these guys anymore? I mean really, are you telling me he teaches his players to field kick offs in the EZ with no wedge infront of them?

    Can we let these deep punts go into our EZ instead of fielding and fumbling them? Does anyone coach anyone anymore? Good lord....These are mistakes a JV team wouldn't make.

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    Special teams would be great if not for the fumbles. But you are correct, it's a weakness. Leonard on punts for the rest of the year or I quit watching


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