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Thread: CRAP TEAM!

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    Angry CRAP TEAM!

    This is a very very different team from last year! Completely different. This year: CRAP! I am now going to help my wife finishing painting my daughter's room, instead of wasting my time watching pee-wee football! What a waste! This team needs big changes players/coaches!!!!!!!!!

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    Hows painting goin?

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    You seem like a mental case. I'll give you props for being a long time member.

    Go Jets.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BLEEDgreenN'white View Post
    Hows painting goin?

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    while you're at it,why don't you put on one of your wifes skirts and cross your legs and talk about the view and cake baking. then complain about some totally random stuff that's not really important in the world

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    very happy!

    Painting went well thank-you, and of course I am happy the Jets won. I was totally fed up, after the hundredth 3 and out at beginning of 4th quarter, and figured time to finish painting, will watch rest of game later. The team still does have lots of issues to deal with. Lets take each game at a time, and who knows!!! GO JETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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