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Thread: Occupy DC: 31 arrests at barn raising

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    Occupy DC: 31 arrests at barn raising

    Occupy DC: 31 arrests at barn raising


    Occupy DC participants raised a barn that they say was a community center to provide shelter during the winter months for "the 99%", or anyone that may have lost their home due to the economic recession. Because the city never granted a permit for construction of the building, police said that the structure had to be taken down. Un cooperative protesters were arrested, while five managed to climb the rafters and perch themselves on the unfinished roof, out of reach of police.

    This dangerous situation promoted police to bring in a large armored truck and a much larger hydraulic cherrypicker. After a several hour standoff, police implemented a strategy to arrest the protesters safely.

    Using the cherrypicker to get inches from the activists,, officers forcefully fitted safety harnesses onto the perched protesters one at a time. Once the harness was secure, the police brought worked to bring the protester into the small compartment that could be safely brought to the ground. Each protester was increasingly uncooperative, to the point where several officers had to hoist a limp body, using the harness to pull them up.

    The entire act alarmed many onlookers, who chanted "THAT"S NOT SAFE! THAT'S NOT SAFE! " The level of danger required the full participation of the police force, as well as members from DC Parks and Recreation.

    For video footage please see my youtube channel

    or see live reporting from my twitter account
    CNN I-Reporter (since apparently professional reporters are too expensive these days). Reality TV News is Go!

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