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Thread: Courtney Upshaw

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    I can easily envision maybin, wilkerson, ellis, upshaw and pace being a very solid 5 man rush group
    Kenrick Ellis isn't ever going to be part of any rush group. He's a nose tackle like Pouha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronxville Jets Fan View Post
    Upshaw is number 2 on my wish list (Burfict obviously being number 1). It's apparent that he doesn't have an explosive first step, but neither does Lamarr Woodley and he racks up sacks. As far his pass rush abilities go, I think it's pretty good. Not being blessed with insane quickness, he has to use his hands and other moves to get after the QB, and does so pretty well.

    In sum, Upshaw may not be the fastest cat, but he would bring a nice physicality to the run defense along with a "decent" pass rush. That said, I don't envision him as a huge impact player, but could be a solid ten-year starter type. If we're picking in the 20s (or lower, fingers crossed), I'm sold.
    This. However I think he'll be an impact player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitonti View Post
    Kenrick Ellis isn't ever going to be part of any rush group. He's a nose tackle like Pouha.
    Ellis is pretty quick (from what Ive read) off the ball and has very good height for the position (6'5) as far as batting down balls. I know it might be a stretch saying Ellis' ceiling is All Pro like Wolfork or N'gata, but both of those guys play on passing downs due to their quickness and ability to collapse the pocket which I think ellis could do for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Much ado about Nothing View Post
    I think coming away with either Upshaw or Curry would be a coup for this D. That said, I can see what you're saying about Upshaw there in the second part.

    They should just get Mario Williams away from the Texans.
    Williams would be great to see. Cliff Avril is also going to be unrestricted and could play the suggs role as a hybrid OLB/DE for our defense.

    With the cap increasing with the new tv deal in a couple years, and with Thomas' $3 million a year, and in 2013 Scott and Cromartie being able to save us close to $15million, we should be able to sign a top level FA.


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