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Thread: A Question About Women

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    Although I've been guilty of thinking like this many times,the truth is not all women are "crazy" just like not all men are "dogs". That type of over generalization is a simplified explanation wrapped with a bow. There are reasons why people do the things they do and behave the way they do. I personally think there are more socially constructed explanations as to why you can travel across the country and find men and women exhibiting similar behavioral patterns anywhere you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmurf View Post
    All women are crazy. The trick is to find out how much crazy you can handle. Every man has his own threshold for how much and what type of crazy he can or is willing to deal with.
    +1 Bingo!

    My male friends come to me weekly with some crazy stories - asking for advice about their girls, and I cant even figure them out! Sorry guys, it's the nature of the beast. I think BuckCherry put it best in their song: "Crazy B*tch"

    Now to make this women cant figure you guys out either!

    Do you prefer an easy affair/no strings attached or the hunt of the chase/play games? Be honest!


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