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Thread: Pick 2: Shonn, McCoy, and Benson

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    Pick 2: Shonn, McCoy, and Benson

    Went 12-2 in regular season, but have a tough 1st round match up. I have to pick 2 between, Shonn Greene, LeSean McCoy, and Cedrick Benson. I'm leaning towards Greene and Benson (vs. STL), but McCoy has been killing it all year for me.


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    Hmmm that's a tough one. All 3 guys could realistically put up nice numbers.

    I'd probably go with Benson and Greene (maybe that's Jets bias). St. Louis run defense is putrid and Greene has been the hot hand lately. Getting in the endzone and even catching some balls out of the backfield, which we haven't seen much of previously. McCoy could still have a decent game, but I think the Jets will do a nice job of containing him. Are you in a PPR league?

    Disclaimer: I had by far my worst ever season of fantasy football this year, so you may want to do the exact opposite of what I said.


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