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Thread: Michael Floyd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton Chigurh View Post

    If he runs in the 4.7s, he'll still be the best possession wideout in 2012's class.
    that may be true but possession receivers don't go in rd 1. It's almost a curse word for a scout to call a player a possession receiver. Agents hate that. It implies they don't have deep speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come Back to NY View Post
    1) Floyd is a nice addition but the Jets are a here and now team- he really doesn't offer much of an improvement over the potential of bringing back Burress- at least not enough improvement to get them into the Super Bowl...

    2) Ashlon Jefferey is going to be the big slider- he's not quick, struggles to release and can't separate....everyone loves the highlight reel catches but his details and the little thing at the position suck..

    3) there will be better players at safety and rush linebacker available and Leonhard's injury just about assures them taking a safety early- two years to late but whatever...

    4) there will be plenty of solid receivers in the middle and late rounds (Jermaine Kearse/Washington, AJ Jenkins/Illinois, Marvin Jones/Cal, LaVon Brazill/Ohio, Jordan White/Western Mich, Nate Palmer) to fill out that #4/#5 receiver role....the way Patrick Turner has played on ST they are likely to hold onto him...
    anyone watch the Ceasars Pizza Bowl?? granted it was Purdue with a very mediocre secondary but 13/259/19.9/2....biggest sleeper in the WR class...

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    another guy to keep an eye on tomorrow in the Music City Bowl- Chris Givens/Wake Forest....underclassmen and dominant possession receiver with terrific hands...up against a very good corner in Jon Banks/Miss St

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    I'm on the Michael Floyd train now more than ever...Santonio needs to be a goner with that gutless display today. I don't want to see him in Green and White ever again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maury77 View Post
    I'm beginning to feel that the team would be best served by picking a WR in the first round that can stretch the field and make plays with the ball in the air.

    How is Floyd as a deep threat?
    no on this guy. cant stay healthy or isnt tough. would definitely prefer alshon jeffrey.


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