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Thread: Carl Banks on the FAN--Rex Ryan is the Jet's Andy Reid

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    After merely two years, this is an incredibly ignorant statement to make. I can see this argument being somewhat valid maybe 4-5 years down the road, especially if the Jets have been to another AFCCG or a SB, without the hardware to show for it. At this time though, all you can say about Ryan is that he talks a lot of trash, and takes the Jets further than anyone would have ever expected.

    He's a very good coach at this point in time.

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    [QUOTE=GMCJETS;4288717]Generator boy :huh:

    You didnt learn from the last time you chose this road did you?[/QUOTE]

    Learn what?

    I lost power for about 12 hours.


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    [QUOTE=JStokes;4288793]Learn what?

    I lost power for about 12 hours.


    12 hours too many. Be prepared. If you can afford a PSL you can afford a generator. :D

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    [QUOTE=JStokes;4288365]Didn't hear the whole segment (so I am paraphrasing from what I heard), but some "fan" called and said Rex Ryan hasn't done a good job and Banks went off on the comment (to the extent the laid back Banks CAN go off) and said Rex Ryan is going to be the Jets coach for the next 10 years, said he will be basically the Jet's equivalent of Andy Reid--not that he'll never win a SB-- but that he (Reid) is and has been one of the best coaches in the NFL over the past decade and the Eagles have been one of the best teams in the league during his tenure.

    Said Rex will be the same type of coach for the Jets, will be here for a very long time and will always have the Jets in contention.

    Said[B] it's very hard to win a SB, and while Jet nation deperately wants a championship--they should be damn happy that they have Rex--he's building a foundation such that every year going in they are going to be a winner, a playoff team and in contention to win a SB.[/B] Other than actually winning a SB, you can't ask for more than that. Said look at Bellichick and Reid, their teams are always upper echelon and that's what Jet fans can expect for the next decade with Rex.

    Evan chimed in that[B] it took Cowher 14 YEARS to finally win a SB and has been hailed as one of the greats and it's [U][I]idiotic[/I][/U] that Jet fans are complaining that Rex hasn't won yet, or would complain if he doesn't get it done this year[/B].

    Some will say that you're settling for anything less than a SB victory.

    Not me.

    Produce me a consistent winning program and I'm ecstatic because I KNOW someday we'll get there--but I want to be good and in contention EVERY year. And I couldn't care less about his "guarantees", that's just his bombastic personality--that I love--and [B]no one is responsible for MY expectations other than ME.[/B]

    Go Rex.


    +1 GREAT POST!!!

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    Rex = blowhard. Doesn't matter what he says. Just "entertainment," right?


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