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Thread: Who is the one player that will be the difference today?

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    [QUOTE=detectivekimble;4289091]Plaxico Burress will destroy the Giants today.[/QUOTE]

    From your mouth to God's ears :yes:

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    [QUOTE=el_dub80;4289095]From your mouth to God's ears :yes:[/QUOTE]

    to Rex's Feet. ;)

    Couldn't resist.

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    Wayne Hunter. JPP can wreck this game.

    Shonn Greene. Bell Cow goes for 100 and Jets win.

    Mark Sanchez. No turnovers and when he gets sacked can he hold onto the ball.

    Maybin? Where has he been for the past two weeks? Hit and miss.

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    one player that can make a difference is Sanchez. If he plays well that means the O line played well, receivers played well, and our offense moved the ball. Sanchez's stats don't depend on just strictly how he played but if he's playing well you know everyone else is playing well.

    Revis helped change Cowboys game, Dolphins game, and Chargers game. If he makes a play today every Jet fan will be on cloud 9 and the defense will have extra mojo especially with some of the comments Cruz made. If Revis makes a play today he can lift the team all by himself.

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    'cause it's apparent that Sanchez can't function a semblance of a Passing-Attack without him.

    Tanny, Rex, Woody all goofed when they didn't even bother when Braylon lowered his asking price. He'll be more affordable this offseason, barring any superman-effort for San Fran in the postseason.


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