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Thread: We Don't Make the Defense Work

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    We Don't Make the Defense Work

    Our offense is the easiest in the entire league to defend.

    We don't make the defense work. They hardly have to move when they're on the field. Everything is short, short, short. The big plays from the offense come from physical and mental mistakes by the defense. That doesn't happen for us because our offense is so simple to defend. There is very little strain placed on the opposing defense, mentally and physically.

    The defense should have to defend 3 levels on passing plays.

    The running game should be balanced between runs up the gut, run off tackle, sweeps, and misdirections.

    I hate our offense. It is horrible.


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    Bumping my own thread.

    Schotty is must go. Sanchez was bad today, but he's in year 3. Schotty has been here twice as long and I'm still waiting for him to put together a good offense.

    The right side of the offensive line needs to be replaced, we need a RB that can break long runs (doesn't need to be a starter), a TE that can block and catch, and either a real #1 receiver or two guys that would be solid #2s (this was what we had last year with Edwards, Holmes, and Cotch). Right now we have a very good #2, a situational red zone receiver, and a guy that could be a nice slot receiver.

    The overall poor play of the offense has me thinking that the entire offensive coaching staff might need an overhaul. Greene hasn't gotten any better, Keller hasn't gotten any better, Slauson is about the same, Hunter didn't develop, Ducasse is still a pile of garbage, Powell didn't show anything all year, none of the various TEs or WRs that we've tried out have showed anything (except for, maybe, Baker).

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    This was the most pathetic offensive showing I have seen in a while

    - Only 2 of the 59 passes were thrown more than 15 yards down the field. One was a touchdown to Plax (offensive PI, but still he was open) and the other was a defensive PI that gave us a 30 yard first down. Why the F does this coaching staff not realize those are GOOD plays?

    - DBs never have to backpedal against us

    - Wanna know why so many passes get batted down? We only do three step drops so the pass rushers always know to stick their hands in the air. This is exacerbated when you don't have a tall QB. We hardly do any deep drops to compensate for this. Idiotic. I counted 4 batted balls today, and on the safety, Mark had no window to throw on the right side of the field because Tuck was jumping 6 feet in the air with both hands.

    - I counted 6 dropped passes today, and at least 2 QB/WR miscommunications. One miscommunication led to a failed easy third down pickup by Keller, and the other was an INT because of Kerley stopping his route short instead of keep running down the seam. Why is this happening at this point in the year?

    - I can count on my hand the number of times Holmes has run a double move this year. By my count I have two pass interferences being drawn and two others went for TDs. Why on earth is this not done more? It would at least force the defense to respect something deep once in a blue moon.

    - Besides the CBs, this entire team is SLOW. WRs hardly get separation. Plax is basically a big tight end who is only useful in the red zone, Holmes is quicker than fast, and Kerley is a slot guy. We need a burner, even if he's only a #4 receiver/one trick pony because nobody respects anything deep. More importantly, it needs a new OC.

    I'm fed up with this.

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    It's like watching checkdown Chad all over again. But this time, ALL our routes are checkdowns. The defense just gives ten yard cushion and sits back. Nobody can beat them deep, and even when they do (McKnight in the 1st Q or Holmes before halftime) the ball has to be delivered perfectly, which Sanchez can't always do.

    We're just watching a mediocre QB and a horrendous OC...I think that pairing wouldn't do well anywhere.

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    Jets O is horrible. Jets D not good enough to cover for it a whole game long anymore.

    I will say this, we have (by FAR) the worst Safeties in the NFL. Pathetic how bad they are. Even Leonhard is only adequate, but Pool and Smith are massive negatives.

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    Said it before, I'll say it again.

    When you can't stretch the field, you're easy to defend.

    There's blame to go around.

    A) We can't pass protect
    B) We have slow WRs that can't get seperation
    C) Sanchez is wildly innaccurate and makes terrible decisions
    D) Our OC is conservative and makes ridiculous decisions

    The result?

    A) Defenses stack the box
    B) Defenses sit on everything short

    It's true, it's like we can't escape the curse of Pennington. We'll never have a vertical passing game.


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