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Thread: Smarts and Speed

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    Smarts and Speed

    2 things this team lacks

    The smarts falls on Rex.
    [LIST][*]Penalties[*]No gameplan adjustments[*]Horrible ball security[*]Zero accountability[/LIST]
    The speed falls on Tanny.
    For the last 3 years we've had the same offseason needs, Pass rushing OLB, team speed, and improved secondary. Have they been hamstrung by the final 8 rules? Sure. Unfortunately, those are the rules and you have to adjust and improve regardless.

    All that being said they've earned the benefit of the doubt, because they've taken a team I've grown up watching lose, and be a complete joke to back to back AFC Championship games.

    It just really sucks this year, and I hope they haven't lost Sanchez mentally for good.

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    Please, voltage....

    We've had basically the same team this year that we had last year.

    The Difference?

    Braylon and Cotch.

    They were there last year, they weren't this year.

    Bring them back somehow(or Braylon at least since Cotch may not want to return).


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