You were heading into this season with all the hope in the world...You start strong only to falter on the road in putrid fashion. Of course you come back and show us that, hey there's hope. Only to suck ass again.

Then you go on another bit of a win streak instilling some hope, only to get dismantled by the laughing stock Eagles and the god damn Giants.

I have seen a lot over the years and while this doesn't rank near the top in terms of ****, it's in the top half. Nevertheless, the point is you have told us all things have changed, the Jets were here to stay. And instead you've put a ****stain excuse of a product on the field. A gutless, embarassing excuse for a football team. Like I said I've seen absolute crap, but I've never seen a team so consistently lost and bewildered as you are.

You should all just be absolutely sick with yourselves. You are flat out terrible this year and you deserve every single bit of heat you will get following today.

Your offensive dissappearing act is old. Your missing golden opportunities is old. And frankly, your act is old.

Since you've insisted on sticking w/ offensive ineptitude at least do us a favor and fire Brian Schittforbrains. And fix your offensive line. Absolutely pathetic and worthy of vomit.

You've once again **** the bed and for that you've proven you are still the SOJ.

Even if you somehow make the playoffs this year you've really convinced me it wont matter.

In short, the 2011 NY Jets are pure garbage. That's all you are plain and simple.