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Thread: Kenny Tate S (Maryland)

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    Kenny Tate S (Maryland)

    So i just started hearing some stuff about this kid.
    Was hurt most of the year but he had a solid 2010 season for the Terps.
    Huge frame for a safety 6'4 220
    unofficial 4.57
    Don't know much about him but could he be a 3-5 round steal?
    worth the pick in my opinion.

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    definitely intrigued. would be interested to hear what some of the guys who follow the draft more have to say.

    Anton, bitoni, etc....?

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    his injury was not good. he applied for a medical hardship from the NCAA and received it. he won't be healthy enough this year to declare. so he's going back

    Before the injury he was an interesting monster back SS (fits Rex scheme) but after the injury probably a late round pick at best. Who wants a DB who blew up his leg? Even if he does have a big year it will hurt his value.

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    IIRC he played LB this year for Maryland.


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