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Thread: I was at Giants/Jets game... Heres my view on Sanchez

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    [QUOTE=jetsmetsrangers;4297345]Even more telling....Pennington....6.8 YPA....6.9 YPA....Leaves and has his highest YPA of his career at 7.7

    Favre with the Jets....6.7 YPA...Next year 7.9 YPA....Our offensive passing design sucks, it just does....[/QUOTE]

    Sorry..I'm not defending Schotty..But Favre was playing in '09 with a repaired shoulder, in the same O he had played in for 15 yrs and playing in a dome.

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;4297016]I'm not confident in this outcome.


    and let me be clear I dont think Schott is great. He's a pawn. It's all about Mark. Right now he looks shot.[/QUOTE]

    agreed but Id like to see with a new OC and a better OL. If he still plays as he did this year, his worshipers will find many new excuses for him. But he does deserve a chance with better talent and a new OC. His instincts might get better by some miracle.

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    [QUOTE=Maury77;4297304]You are trying to reframe my argument (very lawyerly of you). I did not argue that the offense did or did not work in 06 (that's another debate). Here are pennington's TD/INT ratios from 06 - 08

    06: 17/16
    07: 10/9
    08: 19/7 (MIA)

    That is a significant improvement for a guy with no arm who was two years older. I wonder what the big difference was[/QUOTE]

    How about Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams vs. Kevin Barlow in the backfield. He had the best running game in the league played all his home games in warm weather and the Dolphins used their running attack and got huge plays out of the wildcat.

    He was asked to do less and had more talent that's the big difference. When Balt shut down their running attack in the playoffs Pennington was picked off 4 times.
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