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I know Cav is one of Rex's guys but Rex has to put friendship aside when it comes to his football team. If Cav isn't getting the job done he must fire him. Cav was the OC of the Ravens and Billick fired him if my memory is correct. Rex has to put loyalty and friendship aside when it comes to decisions that affect the Jets. Thanks for reading my post and all the positive feedback. I know this team has a lot of other problems. I like Rex but he has to grow in a few areas to be successful. If he doesn't he will fail.

SQUIRT ... I'm confused. In your original post- You said Rex needs to bring in his guys. Hasn't he done that? Of the 17 coaches on the Jets, 11 have been there 3 years or less., Cav being one of them. So you are a little contradictory there. He has brought in his guys. You are right about Rex and his need to grow !

As far as Cav as OC in Baltimore, everyone knows he was just an "offensive suggestor" and Brian Billick was really calling all the plays.