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Thread: I feel like something BIG is about to happen.

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    [QUOTE=Limolady;4296922]What if today's annoucement is that Cappy re-signed Braylon & he'll be activated for Sunday's game against Miami provided he passes a physical?

    Would the Jets lose against the Dolphins then?


    Even I'm a realist in that Braylon is in no condition to play any football this year.

    Though the news of Cappy re-signing him would be the first smart thing he's done since the past offseason-of-suck(as I call it).

    But as we just heard, the Press Conference was much ado about nothing except TOWING THE COMPANY LINE.

    IMO, nothing earth-shattering will happen until AFTER the Miami game(unless they get lucky and win and somehow get in)

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    How about Andrew Luck gets into a massive bar room brawl causing character issues and he drops to #20 in the draft and falls into the Jets lap??

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    [QUOTE=CGJET;4296715]Playoffs, or no playoffs, I want 2 things to happen:

    1) Miami routed in a monumental a@@ kicking; and

    2) Shotty fired as OC, and a Norv Turner brought in if he is available.[/QUOTE]

    Sign me up for this.


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