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Thread: Funny thing is

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    Funny thing is

    The Cowboys are beating the giants and we are beating the Fins and all the other things we need are gonna happpen so in the end, we are going to be playing next week, and the Jints are done. How funny would that be after a week of bashing the Jets and praising the almighty Giants, we are the NY team that makes the playoffs 3 years in a row and the Giants don't make it for 4 years in a row. That would be the greatest thing after the week we are having getting bashed. If there is a Football lord, I pray to thee!!!

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    What would be hilarious and epic is whether Rex could resist needling Brandon Jacobs in the Postgame Presser or in a later Presser should that scenario occur.

    Of course, I have my expectations extremely low and think the Jets will lose to Miami so......whatever.


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