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Thread: Anyone else find it funny

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    Anyone else find it funny

    That Nicks emerged from last Sundays game with a "hamstring".

    I guess almost everyone that goes to Revis Island ends up with some sort of injury. Must be treacherous terrain on that island.

    What a clown. He is smiling in interviews saying he will be OK. Of course he will be OK, b.c he IS OK. Stop faking injuries b.c you got pwned.

    Punk B!tch.

    P.S. Makes me hate Schotty and Sanchez even more for having to watch this POS get away with this b.c the Giants won.

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    Forget big blew. The team needs to show up in Miami and win. Whether they get lucky and live to play again next week or have to clean out their lockers on Monday, all I ask is that they do it with pride.

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    Who cares? The Jets embarassed themselves againts the Giants. They can do and say whatever they want, and we have no ground on which to respond.

    They aren't on our schedule again for another 4 years. Move on.


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