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Thread: SNY Ray Lucas: "LT will definitely be back with Jets in '12"

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    LT can still play as a third down back catching the ball out of the backfield. Bottom Line is the Jets need another RB with some burst. Powell was supposed to be that guy which is why he was picked in the 4th round. I don't believe that he is that guy but I cant see the Jets using anther high to mid draft pick on RB with at least 6 other positions that need an upgrade.

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    Kris jenkins concurs by the way....(Kris just picked the Fish to beat the Jets, but, thats a whole other story)

    I am so done with LT it isnt even funny. Are you telling me that our team had no leaders in the locker room and on the sideline until LT showed up? C'mon! If he passes "The Bus" on the all-time yards list - WGAF!

    I wanna see McNight in there from the get go next year if...

    ...interesting dilemma:

    Brandon Jacobs (guaranteed an ex-Giant in '12)comes in to split time power-rushing with Greene IF he can be had for under 1.5 mil per season??? Rex would love it? :yes:[/QUOTE]

    You would be happy with Jacobs on the Jets?? Schroy strikes again..amazing

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    greene gets hurt lot, mcknight is a scat back and not the healthiest either, why not take LT back, would cost next to nothing and we would keep our leader on offense...but wait, veteran leadership is aparently overrated to the jets

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    This might be a bigger "no-brainer" than replacing Wayne Hunter. LT has clearly shown that he has something left. The moves are still there once he gets the ball in space. Just think how amazing it would have been to have had this guy here when he was 26 or 27!! Who are we going to get to replace him?

    We have been pretty lucky with him and Thomas Jones, picking up the veteran backs the last few years.

    As for Brandon Jacobs, he will give you 6 games where he goes after it. No, thanks.

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    [QUOTE=Jetfan16;4298678]please pass the crack pipe! LT is basically finished. The one thing he does well is he's good at catching passes, that's it.[/QUOTE]

    Something none of the other Jets running backs do even reasonably well.

    He only shouldn't be back if there is someone else who can catch a ball out of the backfield

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    Lt s our best back ... Period. By far.


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