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Thread: Mock Offseason V1

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    Mock Offseason V1

    Brodney Pool: Solid backup who knows the system
    Sione Pouha: 2-3 year deal for a solid NT while Ellis develops
    Aaron Maybin: Pass rush specialist who could develop into a solid player
    Jaamal Westerman: Solid backup at OLB
    Strickland/cole: Rex likes them solid on ST
    Robert Turner: Unfortunate injury but a solid backup when healthy
    Jim Leonhard: Bring back as a backup who knows the system

    Cut/Let walk:
    Plax: Great redzone threat but was basically invisible between the 20s
    Eric Smith: Scrub who deserves to be a car salesmen
    Wayne Hunter: Worst starter in the league hands down
    Mulligan: Scrub who is a walking penalty
    Mark Brunell: Retires
    Bart Scott: Dont like the move but reports have him gone
    Bryan Thomas: Injury derails his career
    LT: Not much left in the tank and wont be cheap

    Free Agency

    Michael Griffin: Comes in and gives us a true FS who can make some plays
    Demetrius Bell: Comes in to solidify RT and is a solid young player who missed this year due to injury but was solid in 2010
    Robert Meachem: Comes here and becomes a starter that will prove himself away from that cluster WR core in NO


    1) Trent Richardson RB, Alabama

    Jets go BPA and grab an Adrian Peterson type back. Even though RB is not the biggest need Richardson has the speed, size and power to be a superstar in this league and the Jets need to get the running game going to open up the passing game for Sanchez. This pick also allows Greene to go back to the #2 back where he had success in the past.

    2) Brandon Jenkins OLB/DE, FSU

    OLB is a need and Jets draft a passrusher that has produced the past two years in college. He has speed off the edge and has also bulked up to improve against the run. He could come in and start opposite of Pace next year.

    3) Bacarri Rambo SS, Georgia

    Jets fill another need bringing in a strong safety to pair next to Griffin. Rambo is a big hitter who also can also cover.

    4) Tommy Streeter WR, Miami

    Big WR who is very raw but has some big play ability but will take some time to develop. More of a project who may be able to start in 2-3 years but will be the fourth receiver behind Holmes, Meachem and Kerley.

    5) Bobby Wagner ILB, Utah State

    Solid tackler from a small school that can be brought in to groom to replace Bart Scotts role if Mauga fails.

    6) Antonie McClain OG, Clemson

    Massive guard who is a better run blocker then pass protector but can come in and provide depth and possibly replace Brandon Moore

    7) Drew Butler P, Georgia

    Comes in to battle for the punter job with Conley who is trash

    QB: Sanchez, Mcelroy,
    RB: Richardson, Greene, McKnight
    FB: Conner
    WR: Holmes, Meachem, Kerley, Streeter
    OL: Ferguson, Slauson, Mangold, Moore, Bell, Ducasse,Turner, McClain
    TE: Keller, Baker, Cumberland

    DE: Wilkerson, DeVito, Dixon, Pitoitua
    NT: Pouha, Ellis
    OLB: Pace,Westerman, Jenkins, Maybin, McIntyre
    ILB: Harris, Mauga, Wagner
    CB: Revis, Cromartie, Wilson, Strickland, Trufant, Cole
    FS: Griffin, Smith,
    SS: Rambo, Leonhard

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    Solid premise. I don't think Richardson will be there, so I"m hoping Floyd or Jeffrey are around. I like most of the signings-- but I've heard some bad things about Griffin from Tennessee fans, so I'd rather the Jets pursue Reggie Nelson or Dashon Goldson. I'm not sure Rambo will be all that good in the NFL, and I doubt Streeter will still be there in the 4th-- but all around, good mock

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    Meachem is the only WR on the FA market i would accept as a consulation prize for not drafting Floyd. I think we have to stop pissing around with curbed WRs. Meachem does however represent a unique opportunity to tap the keg on a butt load of talent that's been diluted in that offense...

    And if that did go down then I'm fine with Richardson (though he won't be there. just like Jeffrey won't either). It's floyd or bust for me.

    I've already supported the Jenkins and McLain picks.

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    If Richardson is there, it would be a no brainer. He is From Pensacola and I know his Uncle ( who raised him).

    He is going to be a beast and its been evident for a long time. I'm not sure which way we go in the first round but I think with Sanchez entering year 4 (and the last season he has to prove his worth before entering lame duck status) we have to offense. Whether it's Martin, OT, Floyd, Jeffers, or Richardson, too early to tell.

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    I'd rather bring back Edwards for the longball and draft a WR like Toon, Jordan White, Wright ect..

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    If Richardson is gone, get Montee Ball from Wisky.

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    i would love to grab richardson, but don't see him falling out of the top 10 but i could see him being on the board at 9 or 10, i know that we have alot of holes to fill but im wondering how many people would be open to trading up to the bottom half of the top 10 if he is still on the board

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    I dont see any of the teams taking a RB in front of the jets except possbile Bucs and Browns and possibly the cheifs barring a trade up


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