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Thread: Pick One: Higher pick in first round of draft or playoffs

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    [QUOTE=John_0515;4300215]The mentality with higher draft pick = that will be the money player who puts us over the top.

    In reality, we need like 10 new players, who are younger, have more speed, and don't whine.

    He nailed the mentality that "tank the game for higher draft picks" have.[/QUOTE]

    No the mentality with higher draft pick means a better player but not the one to put us over the top. It is the difference in picking a good LB to a decent one............IMO

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    [QUOTE=GMCJETS;4300263]The future is now we are 8-7 going into the last week of the season.

    Sorry but the AFCCG is not the Super Bowl where I come from. To you it might be the holy grail.[/QUOTE]

    You weren't on the board in 02 but I assume you would have been against the playoffs winning the East at 9-7 and needing the Pats to knock off the Fins to do it??

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    A more apropriate question would have been:

    1. Win (Finish 9-7), Out of Playoffs

    2. Lose (Finish 8-8), Higher Draft Position

    I still pick #1 personally, but to each their own I suppose. I only root for losses-for-draft-position when it's a real bad 2-3 win type seasons.

    I don't see picking #12 instead of #14, for example, to be worth a loss, or worth being 8-8 vs. 9-7 and a third winning season in a row.

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    This years team is a complete fraud and would do nothing in the playoffs. Higher draft choice without thinking twice.

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    IMO The playoffs by a mile. Look at Green Bay last year. Anything can happen. once you are in the playoffs.


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