So another season with high expectations and low results. As Jet fans we should be used to this but at least under Rex we have a winning record and have a head coach whose only goal is to win a championship.

This has been a humbling year for the Jets and there are two things that I would like to see immediately resolved; (1) Accountability: I'm sorry but someone has to take the fall for thinking this team was anywhere good enough to win it all. (2) We need to rethink "ground an pound". Opposing defenses have been stacking the box to stop the run and daring Sanchez to throw the ball. We are not good enough to overcome that nor seem to have an answer.

You can sign all the big free agents you want but as the Eagles have shown it's not so much about pro bowl talent as much as it is about talent that works well together as a machine.

It will be very interesting to see what happens during the off season that's for sure but for Jet fans we have to wait a long year before we can once again yell J E T S. It's not easy being a Jet fan but when we finally do reach the Super Bowl it' going to be magnificent !!!