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Thread: What if Schotty stays ???

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    What if Schotty stays ???

    Then what ??

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    I quit.

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    Then it's another frustrating year, but I'll still support the players.

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    Then I am no longer a fan

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    I'm out too if that happens. Not supporting the team till he's gone.

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    If Schittforbrains is back then I follow college football only until Schittforbrains is gone.

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    [QUOTE=Dunnie;4302536]Then what ??[/QUOTE]

    as per rex, if he doesnt get a HC job, he says hes coming back

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    Schitty knows Rex won't fire him. Maybe he will do the right thing and resign!

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    [QUOTE=bigdanNJ;4302556]as per rex, if he doesnt get a HC job, he says hes coming back[/QUOTE]

    You've said this in multiple threads. You realize that Rex said "I'd expect him back". Expect. It's not Rex' decision to make, nor would he even know the decision either way before Week 17 is over.

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    only 347 more and it'll be a Queens Stadium petition list reunion


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