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Thread: what needs to be asked but wont at press conference

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    what needs to be asked but wont at press conference

    my brother and i had the argument so i had to look up the stats thus they are pretty accurate

    "rex after the issues with play calling last week against the giants and the obvious difference in pass to rush numbers it appeared this week you were more committed to balancing the attack. all seemed well and greene and Lt were pounding the ball pretty well. i think after 3.5 quarters you were at a 25 run and 20 pass ratio. so with 07:10 to go in the game and only down 6 why did you go pass heavy with sanchez (10 passes to 2 runs before the INT to green) and especially when 1st and 10 on miami's 14 with 04:00 to go did you guys go with three straight passes to your RB's and again abandon the run.

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    This isn't the only game that the question should be asked. The answer is that the Jets don't have a real feature back.

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    What about, Rex, you said you were going to win a Super Bowl and that you had a great team. Either you are a crappy coach or you a bad evaluator of football players. Which one?

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    look we got to give up on he rex said this rex said that bashing. SO WHAT !!!! he said it and didnt back it up big deal. i am sure all coaches say it but rex says it and it gets publizied so now everyone will mock him on it. you know what i would rather my coach say that then nothing at all. what would the S&#t STORM have been if he came out and said. "O yeah we suck. hell i am hoping for just a 9-7 season and a good draft next year" suck it up he said it, the players and coaches didnt back it up, now move on.


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