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Thread: Norv Turner and AJ Smith are staying in SD. CONFIRMED

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    You have to get the difference of HC vs. OC through your head... Clearly you don't get the difference right now.

    You're right, how silly of me. I actually thought the OC designs the offense and calls the plays.

    Again, Norv's reputation comes from Dallas where he had Troy Aikman (HOF), Emmit Smith (HOF), Mike Irvin (HOF) and the best offensive line of the past 25 years. I really don't want to hear about how great of an offensive mind he is/was to have success with that team.

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    LMAO because all my friends are Charger fans and Norv is a horrible coach. But I respect the fact that they're going for stability, Spanos has a lot (too much) patience


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