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Thread: Sanu from Rutgers declares his going to the NFL

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    Sanu from Rutgers declares his going to the NFL

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    I think he'd fit like a glove here...basically a bigger version of Kerley.

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    What's his projection? I watched him play a game against my school and he is just dominant. The fans I spoke with said he could've played at a bigger program and should be a 1st/2nd round pick.

    We do need to draft a WR somewhere between rounds 1-4 so Sanu has to be in the mix...

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    mid to late 1st when all said and done. The guy is a taller, more athletic Anquan Boldin.

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    Sanu's longest play of the yr was only 32 yds. He had like 115 receptions.. No thanks, Jets already have enough WR's like that. Jets need a downfield threat that can also go across the mid. Jets are desperate for a WR that can Blow the top off a defense... Please get one now!!!

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    This draft needs to be absolutely filled with talent. Makes it easier for great players to fall to us.

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    This kid is a beast and I would love to have him on the team. Check out these two plays. He is a freak.

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    I'm a huge R fan and alumnus. I've watched every college game Sanu has played in.

    He is as good as any player in the history of the program, including Ray Rice and K. Britt.

    I agree that the Jets need a burner who can stretch the field. Sanu is not that type of guy. He's more of a possession guy. He has great hands, great physical strength with above average quickness and elusiveness for someone his size.

    Anquan Boldin is a very good comparison.

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    Not so much in this thread, but why do people assume we can just snag him up in the 2nd? Call me crazy, but I would sign up for Sanu right now as our 1st rounder, the kid is unbelievable

    Jeffrey/ Sanu in the 1st.....Joe Adams from Arkansas (Speedster) in the 4th round and suddenly our WR corps looks really nice


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