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Thread: Joel Dressen

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    [QUOTE=sec.101row23;4309449]I believe we drafted him originally.[/QUOTE]

    Yes we did, out of Colorado

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    [QUOTE=Woody56;4309610]Lot of players we drafted we let go and became good players elsewhere

    Joel Dreesen
    Derrick Ward
    Jonathan Goodwin
    Nate Garner[/QUOTE]

    Most teams in the NFL can form a list. It happens!

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    [QUOTE=Dimitri_0515;4309579]Should have never let him go to begin with.[/QUOTE]

    so we cant blame the scouting dept. could it have been the coaches decision in the end to drop him???

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    We drafted him out of Colorado State. Decent receiver and long snapper in college. Mangini came in and didn't really give him a look. Doubt he would want to come back to team that dumped him if he has other offers.

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    [QUOTE=JamaicanJetFan;4309722]Is this a joke? Dreessen was drafted in 2005...[/QUOTE]

    My bad. You're right. I was thinking of Blake Spence.

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    [QUOTE=jetstream23;4309475]Like we've done with several players and like we may do with Sanchez.[/QUOTE]
    I always thought Dreesen had potential but wasn't given a decent enough chance here. Now we stuck with Mully. Yes, we just might let Sanchez go then watch him light it up elsewhere

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    Mulligan is simply the single worst player on our team.
    Worse than Eric Smith.
    No way this joker is on our roster by next Sept.

    Cumberland is a ball-player, but you need a BLOCKING TE as well.

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    [QUOTE=mrcoops;4309462]We did. Stole him in the 6th round, then gave up on him far too quickly. He's just the kind of guy you want as your 2nd TE - a dependable receiver with good blocking ability.[/QUOTE]

    Why should we pick him up? So Schitty can run him into the ground and we can release him again?

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    Josh Baker should be the #2

    This guy does nothing but make plays when he is on the field


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