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Thread: Mark Sanchez- At least he's good-lookin'

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    [QUOTE=Limolady;4309742][SIZE=3]What's all this about Nacho? People think he's good lookin? IMO maybe for a waiter at Chili's, but I'm surprised there's "no love" for one of my favorites, good ole Hammer Face[/QUOTE]

    Nacho is fine
    hey I like the waiters at Chili's :D
    Nick's okay

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    [QUOTE=R. Tyme;4309950]Nacho is fine
    hey I like the waiters at Chili's :D
    Nick's okay[/QUOTE]

    Hey there RT and hope the holidays treated you well.

    As for the definition of a "good looking" NFL player, the first thing that comes to mind would be one that doesnt spend alot of the game on their backs, lol. That gets ugly quick especially when you lose. I do however hope Nacho will be with the NY Jets for a while as the starting QB, I think he's taken a lot of lumps and hit learning curves this season.

    And as for NFL looks, give me a big, inked up, fat ass lineman any day of the week. More to love.


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    a hundred moles on your face is good looking now?

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    He's dreamy.

    Except for the dots.

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    wow. rex you better make the playoffs in 2012, dudes losing testosterone by the thread in here.


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    [QUOTE=SizzleBear287;4309709]He's better looking than Tom Bieber and Hick Eli, that's for sure. FYI, I am a woman.[/QUOTE]

    Pics or it isn't so. The forum has a lot of "women" posting and their gender is suspect.


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