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Thread: Dilfer saying Mark needs to change throwing motion

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    [QUOTE=JB1089;4310213]This can only be a coaching issue.

    Sanchez's mechanics were praised coming out of college. Questions about him were about his arm strength (not a cannnon) and the fact that he only started for 1 year at USC.

    Strengths were:

    Throwing Mechanics

    The footwork and throwing mechanics were attributed to his work with Bob Johnson, his HS coach and a renowned "QB guru."

    Schotty is the OC, but any newly developed mechanical problems fall on the shoulders of the QB coach, Cavanaugh.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=NYJCAP2;4310321]Somewhat but I don't think that is quite accurate. Dilfer said on the radio he wasn't focusing on the correct areas. He mentioned, yes he would be at the facility working, but what was he doing with his time there. e.i What was he working on? Probably more gym time, and less time in the film room and practicing fundamentals. But not only breaking down film but understanding and mentally prepping himself week in and out the best he can.

    People around here say he has regressed as well since his rookie season, even though his stats are better. The eye test never fails. You are never too old or young to practice fundamentals, and he was thrown into this system as a young player.

    To try and compensate for his short comings mentally on making reads and learning the language you usually lose focus on footwork, eye discipline, snapping your head around on play action, throwing motion etc. This is all about coaching. Where the hell was it? This should have been seen in practice for sure. It may have been drilled into his head to get the system down and everything else went out the window.

    Coming back to his work ethic, it should have also been painfully obvious in the film room to see these things going out the window. So basically no one saw it.[/QUOTE]

    After reading the above two posts, there really needs to be little else said by anyone. Pretty much spot-on in the facts and subsequent analysis.

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    [QUOTE=Mikey Z 6;4309754]footwork[/QUOTE]

    Pretty hard to work on footwork when you are either on your back or running for your life.

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    [QUOTE=DDNYjets;4309939]Sounds good, but it is a pipe dream. To master a new motion would take years. This is what GB did with Rodgers. Sanchez does not have that much time.[/QUOTE]

    All he needs is small tweaks. His mechanics wasn't bad in '10, his decision making was awful. So Schotty turned him into a checkdown machine.....


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